GS-III: Internal & External Security

Discuss salient features of Portable Diver Detection Sonar (PDDS). How will it boost India’s Navy capabilities? Explain.

November 19, 2017

In furtherance of the Make in India Policy, the Indian Navy on 15th November 2017 has concluded a contract with Tata Power Strategic Engineering Division for the supply of Portable Diver Detection Sonar (PDDS). It is believed that the introduction of the PDDS will enhance Navy’s underwater surveillance capability with regard to the low intensity

RTI in Defence

August 24, 2017

Right to Information act empower citizen by providing information and therefore keeping a check on arbitrariness and corruption in governance. Section 8(1) of RTI act provides for the exemption from disclosure if, information affect the sovereignty and integrity of India, security, Strategic Scientific Economic interest of the state, relationship with foreign States or lead to

To what extent India’s coastal security apparatus has strengthened since the Mumbai terror attacks? Do you identify some critical gaps in the same? Examine critically.

July 29, 2017

India has a long coastline of about 7516 Km and there is three tier security system made of Indian Navy, Indian Coast Guard and Marine Police. The importance of coastal security became evident after 26/11 attacks which showed the flaws in security. After the 26/11, several organizational, technical and procedural initiatives were announced by the